Thursday, November 8, 2007

Starting to turn around

While yesterday morning's sessions were disastrous, I managed to play a sound game and only lost one big pot. I ended up getting my stack in on a Q96 two-flush flop with KK in a reraised pot, and saw AKs hit it's flush. Even with the stack (I was actually slightly deeper than 100BBs), I managed to have a nice little upturn in profits, and I think I'm on the right track now.

I've taken a step back and really looked at what I was doing wrong, and found a few problems. One of them was just plain playing too aggressively. I was raising limpers with too big of a range, and going too far with weak hands. Another thing was 3-betting light too often, especially out of the blinds where I stick myself in a really bad situation: OOP in a reraised pot with a marginal hand. Not good.

So I've decided I'm not going to stack without a) a very good read, b) a very strong hand, or c) something where I'm committed, like AK for TPTK in a 4-bet pot PF or whatever. Play it safe. I've also got to make sure I don't put myself in sticky postflop spots by playing more sound PF. I'm usually used to playing with a ~20 or 30BB stack, so playing AK from the blinds is fairly easy - reraise preflop and shove the flop. With 100BB+ stacks, I've really got to play a hand through. The disadvantages of being OOP really start to rear their ugly faces.

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tenbob said...

I thought I managed to stack you yesterday as well :D.

I was looking forward to a post about that :p