Monday, November 5, 2007

They call me the wanderer

I never was a NL ring person. I did have my moments at 100-400nl, but that was back when I was a crazy and was seriously gambling.

Anyways, I watched an old dbitel instructional-type video, and it really got me hyped about ring games. I'm getting pretty sick of PF pushing and calling ranges and all that bunk, and found myself very interested in certain concepts of postflop play. Things like the WA/WB concept, and even simple things like why you make bets has the gears in my brain turning again.

Well I decided to sit down at a 25nl table, and soon found myself 4-tabling without any trouble. The only problem was the beats (KK < QQ, KK < A9, QQ < A8) and a few flat-out losses (combo draw loses to AA, JJ < QQ, some bad plays on my part). I managed to drop about 3 buyins worth, but aside from my brief tilting after the beats I managed to play very well and plan on possibly playing more ring games overall. Tournaments are just a little crazy for me sometimes; playing my heart out for three hours and seeing my stack vaporize on the bubble from a beat doesn't exactly appeal to me anymore. Anyways, I do realize I'm probably not going to stick with this, but I found myself multitabling without any trouble, probably due to not having to worry about the dynamics of tournaments. I think I can grind out a nice winrate with possibly even more than 4 tables at 25nl, then I'll try my luck at 50nl when (if) I do. I'll still be playing FL, but NL rings are luring me in...

EDIT: please see the kickin knowledge thread again. Some updates with some killer 2+2 archives. Killllerrrr. Seriously.

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tenbob said...

This is pretty much what happened to me Chuck about 18 months ago. Once I made this relisation the vast majority of my play has on the rings. I actually find out-playing my opponents sitting on >100xbb stacks extremly satisfing.