Sunday, May 4, 2008

1,681 hands, $93.55 profit

10,000 posts

I spend wayyy too much time on cardschat: 10,000 posts and counting. For those who missed it, we set up a celebratory bounty tournament which got a nice turnout and ended up being a lot of fun. In the end I had $35 on my head which Jagsti gladly took down when I shoved my shortstack with AQ into his AK and it held, nh sir. I also wrote an article which I think was a pretty good success - definitely the longest and most comprehensive article I've written, and I'm glad it got such a great reception. Here it is if you're interested.

We ended the day with the 25nl hands-up session. I played very aggressively basically trying to run over the table, but you can only go so far when the whole table is basically filled with knowledgeable, thinking players. They are mostly nits though, so it wasn't too hard ;)

It's funny how the dynamic of knowing everyone at the table and knowing that eventually the session was to be replayed with everyone's hands up completely changed some people's styles. I'd say the people I was most surprised about were Zach and Chris (Dorkus Malorkus). Zach LAG'ed it up and Chris started doing weird things like calling EP raises from me with KTs or A6s which eventually put him in a few tough spots, but also just playing generally kind of aggressive which is uncharacteristic of him. Fun stuff anyways, and I hope we can play more of those sessions in the future. I'll have to tone my aggression down or at least pick my spots a little better next time as I barely broke even for the session.

Session analysis

IceMonkey9 requested that I take a look at a session of his and I obliged. I turned it into a video analysis after plugging the hands into pokertracker for the replayer, and I think it turned out nicely. He played a pretty solid game and aside from a few minor mistakes, I think if he plays this way consistently and takes my advice from the video then he's well on his way to some nice profits and a move up in stakes.

Progress, or lack thereof

Unfortunately I've been kind of lazy with poker the last few days. I've only plugged like 1,500 hands since my last post, and most of them were in one day. I'm probably going to play some later today, but right now I'm a little hung over and need to get some food in my belly. I've got to make sure I stick to my poker goals for the month and really grind out the felts. Enough half-assing! Enough pussy-footing! Get the fucking job done already!


If it weren't for someone mentioning mother's day over at cardschat I would have completely forgot. Make sure you get your mum some flowers, take her out to dinner, or order her a big burly stripper. Whatever floats her boat. Remember, that's May 11th, so this Sunday!!!

So it's been 13 days since Stars' FPP support told me it would be 10 days until my gift cards were sent, and I'm getting a little frustrated. Their support is great, but I think the fact that I requested to ship the orders separately kind of slowed everything down. If you remember I ordered the book and the gift cards back on the 2nd of April, and although they always say to expect delivery in 4-6 weeks, I always expect it earlier since they're usually so fast. I guess I have to wait a maximum of two more weeks...sigh. I was really excited about the monitor, but it's been so long that I've lost enthusiasm. I know I'll be like a 9 year old kid on Christmas morning when they finally get here, but for now I'm just blegh.


Sean said...

Hey man congratulations on the 10k post, the huge props from the entire poker community, and I guess life in general. It's like we just celebrated your birthday.

And thank you for the nice comments about my session analysis, and I've watched through the video twice now and made "22 Points" to help my game out. I think the big thing was bet sizing obviously. Thanks for the great advise.

Zach said...

lol if you were surprised at me lagging it up in that apparently you haven't played in enough of the CC buy-in tourneys with me lol. It's a lot closer to how I play live as well, it's just that against morons there's no need to do anything but sit back, wait for hands, and get value out of them. Plus it's kinda hard to LAG it up 12-tabling, and I'm pretty sure TAG winrate > (1/12)*LAG winrate.

Anyway congrats on the milestone, but what are you doing reading this? You should be playing poker, "Enough half-assing! Enough pussy-footing! Get the fucking job done already!" :P