Friday, May 16, 2008

3,623 hands, $112 profit

Rusty the clown

I played my most uncomfortable session in weeks yesterday. I think it was the combination of not playing in days, getting a new monitor and getting a new chair, but my whole vibe was just fucked for the session. I started out dropping like 5 buyins to some beats and a LOT of terrible play, but I ended up slapping some sense into myself and playing well for the remaining 3/4 of my session, nearly breaking even.

Started again today with some shitty play, but broke out of that even quicker, and aside from one terrible hand (see the dip at hand ~2700 or whatever), I played well and ended the day up enough to have made a good profit over the last two days.

I'm kind of impartial to the new monitor. It's great for obvious reasons, but there are definitely some things I don't like about it. For one, the viewing angle is kind of messed up - it's giving me a weird distorted effect even when I look at it from a fraction of an angle away from the perpendicular, and the colours are all a little off. The stand is a little wobbly, and any time I find myself bouncing my knee, the whole monitor rocks back and forth. Even so I'd say it was well worth the money, but I don't think I needed it more than I needed actual money. Oh well, it'll last for ages and make me more than enough to pay for it. Hell, I've already payed for it with poker, who gives a shit.

My chair is great, but it's a little too big for my desk. I'm actually a little uncomfortable in it's infinite cushioniness, but I'll make it work.

The camera is a thing of beauty. It's a Canon SD 870 IS, and I know nothing about it. I got the rare feeling of kind of a rich kid going in there and buying a $300 camera without knowing dick about it, but I'm quickly learning about all the features and working everything out. It's an 8 megapixel camera with a load of features I still have yet to explore. Nice 3" LCD screen, video recording, 389432890x zoom...expect a lot more pictures in the future. Maybe I'll even have a pic of the day or something.

The Apprentice

So my brother and I have half seriously been talking about getting him into poker. He knows how much time I spend on the game, and knows I could tutor him and set him on the right track. There are a few problems I foresee though: for one, he's got terrible ADD. I know he can't just jump right into the game and profit, but I really really can't see him 10-tabling for 3 hours straight :p He's also not really any good with maths, but again I think he can grasp basic poker maths with practice.

This could actually get pretty fun - I enjoy helping people understand concepts, and if he really puts some dedication into it, maybe we'll see him start posting in the forums and hopefully eventually making a good consistent profit like I do.

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