Saturday, May 31, 2008

Enough BS'ing

May review

Put simply, I played pretty well throughout May, but I'm really unhappy with the small number of hands I put in.
  • Played ~24k hands
  • Dabbled in 50nl HU (very successfully) and 6-max (very unsuccessfully), mainly sticking to FR though
  • Netted $1,093

I did have some other issues which ate into some poker time, but I easily could have played like 60k hands had I really applied myself. I'm not going to set any unrealistic goals for the coming month, but I KNOW I can put in a hell of a lot more effort into playing more.

June goals

Expecting a lot out of myself this June. I took a step back today and asked myself why I'm still playing 50nl with a $2,500 bankroll and experience that will definitely get me moving through 100nl, and couldn't come up with a legit answer. So I played like 1,000 hands today. Had it not been for two terrible calls, both with AA vs what turned out to be sets early on, I would have had a very solid session. Anyways I only broke even today, but I'm very happy with how I played and I'm ready to dive right in next month (ie tomorrow) and get on my way to being a solid 100nl winner again. Even thinking about 200nl already.

So, some stuff for June:
  • 30,000+ hands
  • Start table selecting better to avoid the regs
  • Study & crush the regs
  • Watch every stoxpoker NLHE cash video they put out in June
  • Post at least one hand analysis thread per session
  • Play >1,000 hands of HU; really think about how to beat certain opponents rather than just trying to run them over
  • Fix speedbag, work it and the heavy bag every non-rainy day
  • Finish vol 2 of Harrington On Cash, finish Dawkins' book ffs, start another one
  • Manage my money better
I'm taking a break for the rest of the day (got a stanley cup game to watch) but as soon as I wake up tomorrow I'm going to kick the month off with a nice chunk of hands.

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