Sunday, June 1, 2008

1,531 hands, $185.60 profit

Good start

Played a good two hours logging a solid chunk of hands at 100nl and raking in a nice profit. I started the day strong running incredibly well, ran into some bad luck and tilt in the middle, but finished up nearly two bills in the end. Today was good; I played well, only really made one or two significant mistakes, but overall I'm very satisfied.

I think I'm just sticking around at 100nl bankroll permitting; I'd built up this silly image of every table being filled with nits and regulars, against both of which it's hard to even beat the rake. Truth is it can be just as fishy as 50nl, you just have to exercise better table selection. The regs find the fish quicker which means the fishy tables clear out faster. I'm basically forced to pay more attention to what each table is like as a very juicy table can quickly turn into a clearly tough table.

I can't remember if I mentioned this before, but icemonkey was generous enough to throw me a copy of PT3 for doing an overview-type video for a gaming site he's affiliated with, I've been fooling around with the new program, but it's just too buggy to use in-game at the moment. Build 3 is supposed to fix everything, but they're knee-deep in shit right now with the bugs and constant feature requests. For now I'm fine with PT2, but the 3-bet/4-bet stats are really temtping to use and I just can't wait for a stable version of the software. The guys over at PT are getting all types of flack from impatient and disgruntled customers but I know they're working their asses off.

Anyways enough for the day. I've got some things to do around here so I don't think I'm playing anymore today. I'll be back on the grind tomorrow and of course will post updates.


fairnbalncd said...

very nice graph! enjoy reading your posts at stox too.

Zach said...

Well from what I've seen so far, even the 100nl nitty regs aren't all that great. Certainly more good regs than 50nl (although now a good amount of the 100nl regs are people I played against at 50nl. Thought they were spewy then, and it seems they haven't changed), but plenty that can't even lay down top pair. Maybe it'll change as these people get reads on me and are able to adjust to my playing style, but so far I'm up 4 buy-ins in 5k hands despite having quads over boat and AK vs. KK stack preflop and the A hit. Not a huge sample or anything, just saying that I think there comes a point in time where of course the target is the fish, but if you can also exploit most of the regs, and most of these regs are 24-tabling so don't even realize they're being exploited, that could definitely help the win rate.

Anyway, good luck, I'm really interested in how the 200nl games look. It'll be a few more months at least (assuming things go well for me), but I'm interested in how the games change as you go up the limits.

icemonkey9 said...

GL @ 100nl, dude you should have been there months ago. I feel the same way about 50nl ... I'll be rolled for that next month I am sure and am already anxious for it.

GL with PT3 too, thanks for the shout out. I personally love the thing, of course, I never used PT2.