Sunday, June 15, 2008

Half time

Well June is half gone, and I'm starting to get a little worried about how fast this summer will fly by :(

My poker progress has been good to say the least. For the past few months I've been eagerly awaiting the day when I check the PT3 forums and find that they actually have a stable working version of the program. The new stats will add a massive edge to my game, but as of right now even if the program was actually stable (still not sure, haven't fully tested it myself), the default configurations on the program are so different from what I'm used to with PT2 that it would take a good chunk of my time just to customize it.

The other day a quick hud configuration turned into a long 6-max session. If you follow me and 6-max, you'll know that means trouble. I'm finally pinpointing my actual leaks which I guess is a good thing. Mainly I find I don't stop and think for long enough, especially in big pots. I'm too lazy to pull up PT3 and get the graph, but basically it went steadily (like 20ptbb steady) upwards, only to see a massive drop where I got stacked making some ridiculous bluff or call down. Then back upwards steadily, and then yet another drop. Rinse, lather, repeat. I ended up dropping about 3 buyins at 50nl, but made at least 5 buyins worth of stupid plays, so I'm seeing some improvement :)

Like I've mentioned before, I plan on playing at least %50 of my volume at 6-max eventually, but have a long ways to go before I start making 6-max worthwhile (ie profitable). Right now my goal isn't progression, it's profits, and FR is giving me plenty of that. Since moving to 100nl FR again I'm on a tear - I've already crushed last month's total winnings and have only played 16k hands.

I've been a little busy the last few days, so I didn't have much time to play. I got a 'day off' from partying today, so I sat down this morning and ran like a god. I only really played like 700 hands, but managed almost a $400 day which is nice. I was lucky enough to pick up kings vs aces twice, spiking a king in one and losing the other. A good chunk of the other pots were just me picking up hands at the right times, but I also won a good amount from non-showdown pots. My 6-max and HU practice, plus the stox videos are really helping in that area. No better feeling than losing KK to AA, then immediately winning it back with some good solid play with no hand.

So...halfway through the month, I really haven't put in all that many hours of play, but have definitely put a lot more effort in sitting down and playing longer sessions more often. I don't often play >2 hour sessions, but have played several of them this month already.

So far:

  • Play 30k+ hands of 50nl full ring
More than halfway there...except I'm at 100nl...
  • Don't touch 6-max
*blushes*...touched :/
  • Watch and study more coaching videos
Watching every one that comes out and then some...
  • Bank as much money as you can for the new flat, whenever it actually happens
Banking, though the apartment looks like a flop.

Well on my way to a 2k+ month. I know I'm running good, but I've still definitely seen my share of variance this month (see -$750 low point a week ago). Things are going good. Putting in more effort, getting better results. Coincidence?

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