Thursday, June 5, 2008

2,017 hands, $295 profit [long, sorry]

Midnight snack

Well last night I came back from seeing my buddy who's back yet again from traveling; he's in training to be a firefighter, so basically he can't miss a single exam or job offer. He got one recently, so he's back indefinitely. Anyways we had a few brews, and by the time I got back home I was 1/2 drunk and 1/2 asleep, but in a full state of inebriation. I was beat, but really didn't feel like sleeping yet, so I picked out a HU table and grinded out my longest session yet. Short of 400 hands, and I really was very very happy with my play. Aside from a few pots including this one from HA, I basically didn't have any trouble taking my opponent down. I made sure I didn't go nuts with aggression, and picked my spots perfectly. No doubt I'm still running very good in HU games, so I can't attribute it all to skill, but I'm really very happy with my play and don't really give a shit if it's luck or not.

Beginning of the match he was very timid and basically played his hands for face value. Eventually he started raising his buttons more, 3-betting me more, and by the end of the match was on absolute monkey tilt 3-betting every button raise and just fighting for every single pot. So naturally my strategy was to play fairly aggressive in the early stages, and just pick my spots in the later stages.

The session was actually really long relative to HU play, so I'll just give you some of the more interesting hands:

After he'd started 3-betting me light one too many times:

lol wat?

Something that the Bryce has coined as the 'bastard play'. I have absolutely no idea if I'm doing it correctly or what to do if called. I'll also say that it is probably completely unnecessary against poor players like this guy, but I gave it a shot. It's basically meant to fuck with your opponent's train of thought and just to be something out of line. I mean what the hell do you make of the play if your opponent has never done it before? Weird looking hand, but meh.

The hand from HA. I posted it at both CC and stox, and liked the option of bet-folding the river best.

Probably the biggest losing hand in the session. Even though an intelligent player will know that I can't possibly represent anything other than like sets here (ie a very small and unlikely range), I felt like this guy was basically on a level where he'd be able to fold something like 77 ("ah! big bets! scary! me run!"). Of course I expected ace-high to fold to the river bet, if not the turn, but I was dead wrong.

From then on I whittled down to just under my original buyin, and the guy sat out. I figured the game was done, and was fine with cutting my losses at $2 or whatever it was, but he sat right back in, so naturally I went for the jugular and tried to take him down. Started to get some good reads on the guy and used them to my advantage.

This was when he really started to 3-bet me light, so I started fighting back:

Bluffedy bluff bluff:

Finally, some triple barrel bluffs from him:

...yadda yadda yadda, he started 3-betting me light every hand, I started 4-bet bluffing some hands, 4-betting others for value, eventually I took a flop with 5s:

And he left right after.

More FR swinginess

I got to some FR play early today, took a break, and came back to play when it got dark. I'd been playing up until writing this post, and logged a good chunk of hands. Once again I ran crazy swingy. Early on I made some really questionable plays and I really wasn't happy with myself. I smartened up a little later on, but the swings were just as bad as the tables were just insane today. Some of the bigger pots:

Villain is a tight reg, and basically he has a set here like always, but what am I going to do, fold my GS+FD+overs draw with the dead money on the side? Standard imo, and I got lucky.

A float vs a reg turned nice. This only worked because of the way I balance my play - I'll often float and take stabs at pots with small raises like this, and I think he was just trying to shut me down. He's definitely not donkish enough to think his 5s are good there.

Against another reg; he's basically repping a set or two pair here, so I have to get it in. Standard 'steal' vs float/resteal there.

Against a lagtard, been setting him up all day and he pulls trips out of his ass, meh:

Against another guy who was frequently floating and betting the turn. High-variance, but I liked the play.

Post is already too long, it's 1am, I'm tired, nn folks!

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