Thursday, June 12, 2008

3,951 hands, $132 profit


Another crazy session yesterday. Well, two sessions actually. I started the day playing fine, and as you can tell by the graph, hit a nasty patch of variance (~1000 hand mark). Up, down, up, down. that kind of tilted me a little bit, but I'd say I was still on my B game. Then the family got home. Ugh. Cue the inter-floor yelling, stomping around, and dog freaking out because everyone's home. That uber-tilted me (enter my D game) and after dropping a couple buyins with some bad calls I decided to take a break.

Came back after a nice big meal and a shower, and played pretty well. Really I ran bad all day, but still managed like a buyin and a half which is kind of meh.

Kind of an interesting one against a reg:

Pussied out vs what I thought was KQ. This deep I dunno about raising...

Sigh. Against an aggressive reg:

Soon learned this guy probably wasn't folding even a 6 on that flop. Against anyone else I think I like my shove. GS+overs+BDFD+FE = shove for me. I could be wrong:

Decide for pot control vs a reg here (same guy with the trip kings vs my FH). Nice turn :/

Yay stack. Well, all but a stack. Guy was a pretty big lag, but gave up kind of easily vs aggression. Beautiful turn card and I was just hoping he had KQ on the river. I think either he was outright bluffing or had something like AQ/QJ that he decided to do something weird with on the river. Odd one:

Another standard cooler. Against a reg; not sure I could take any other line. Being this deep sucks, hence having to take a flop to keep all

Guy was a maniac. He opened to $11 the previous orbit and I decided to pitch 9s. Got a little bit of a read on him ("MANIAC") and decided to take a flop. Noticing a swingy trend yet?

I don't doubt he actually flopped it and slowplayed me:

A little iffy but the guy was a fish. QJ is probably in his range.

FFS you twat, raise the flop...

Pretty thin value bet. This is up against the AQ vs AA guy. I figured 78/89/79/JT/QJ/99/TT were paying me off. What a tard.

Real questionable here.So pf I'm putting him on middling connectors, pocket pairs and weaker aces.
A strong reg, which I was up against, will float this flop with like that whole range, but not necessarily %100 of the time. Nowhere close. Anyways since a good chunk of his range is hands like KQ/55 that are going to take the pot away on the turn, I let him fire and call. The problem now is that most of those middling pairs have either hit a set, or are bigger than my pair. Then the river comes, and any suited connectors that had a seven in them now have me crushed. My reasoning was that I really didn't expect the 'only' hands that beat me, ie AT/TT/99 and similar hands, to bet this much. Pretty flawed thinking since a) there are a ton of other hands that now beat me, b) any ace will definitely bet this way - I've shown sooo much weakness, and c) hands that I didn't even consider in his range - AQ/AK - can definitely be in there. And they were. I think this was the point where I took my break. I realized tilt had me making some ridiculous call downs and needed to clear my head.

Guy was pretty bluffy; I decided to let him bet his busted draws and turn his 99 hands into bluffs:

Two short fish + AKs = autostack.

vs another fish. I probably could have just popped the turn and got his whole stack in.

...a bunch of small pots...

VS a lag fish. Not sure about this one:

To be %100 honest I put him on a flush, but called down anyways. The guy was pretty bluffy and I just couldn't let go:


Marginal bluff turned genius lol. I basically pinned him on a king or underpair, hence the bluffing. Turned out he was a huge station (STOP BLUFFING UNKNOWNS), so no more bluffing him.

Terrible terrible call. In the hand I just couldn't see him/her check-raising an 8 or 99. It just didn't make sense to me. Not a very logical call though - the guy was an absolute nit and I basically put him squarely on 88 or a once in a lifetime valuebluff with 99 or something. Anyways I thought I was valuetowning the river vs TT or something. Blegh.

Against a ~14/10 reg. Thoughts? Maybe even fold pf?

Sigh. Just sigh. I'd been setting him up all session.

A little unorthodox for me. I had a few squeezy players behind me, but that pf plan failed. Postflop he's valuetowning most of his pocket pairs, thought I'd just let him bluff me and call him down.

Another weird one. This is up against a reg who basically never shows up with worse than jacks/AK here, so I really don't see any value in betting. We scare off JJ-/AK and give money to AA/QQ. Seems really weaksauce, meh.


And that's about it. Wow I really swamped you guys this time...

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