Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Some hands, some profit

Hold'em Manager

Well I gave up on PT3. Even though I have the full version of the program already, I don't think I'm going to use it for quite a few months to come. Most of you who read this already know that by way of cardschat, but I thought I'd re-post it anyways. I decided to drop the $80 on Hold'em Manager after trying out the hud and seeing how stable it was.

So far the layout and general feel of the program is definitely a lot different than PT3, but looking at the barebones of the two programs, they're essentially the same imo. Small features here and there are missing on one, but present on the other, and vice versa. Again though, the main reason I bought HEM was the hud. It actually works. Go figure.

I've just imported my whole 160k hand NL database by way of exporting hands from PT2 and then importing them into HEM, and it took about an hour. At first I was really disappointed because the whole program was basically bogged down after the import and it actually crashed on me a couple times (definitely in part to me button mashing the thing - that never works btw).

I ended up posting on their forums, and shortly after finding some old threads that dealt with the same issue (search first ldo).

One thing I did wrong was try to list my whole database in the reports tab. That's either not possible, or requires so much time that it's just not worth it. The reason that same action works in PT2 is apparently because it displays fewer, simpler, less resource-hogging stats, so naturally it takes less time.

Anyways I don't want to get started on another rant leading to nowhere, but I'm on my way to figuring the whole program out. Plenty of other little things I've yet to even touch on, I'm sure. If anyone needs help setting it up or figuring something out, I'm glad to show you (or figure it out with you if I don't know myself). Just PM me on cardschat or msn or whatever.

I was actually going to do a full review on the program, but tbh it's just way too detailed to go through everything. I did do kind of a run-through video, but I was half-asleep when I did it, and it's a little half-assed. Should help for those who can't seem to find their way around the program though.

I'm too lazy to check exactly when I updated last in my DB and need an excuse to brag, so here's a monthly graph via HEM. Gotta say if there's one thing I actually dislike about the software, it's their graphs. Don't know what it is about them, but they're just hideous imo.

I've really been running hotter than the sun. In contrast to my old 100nl results (~1-2ptbb/100) it looks like I'm just on a heater, but really I've been working very hard reviewing my play, reading (mainly Sklansky/Miller TAP) and watching videos, not to mention putting in more hands daily. I really don't think the 11ptbb/100 I've sustained since moving back up at the end of May is sustainable long term, but I do feel I'm playing a much better game overall and that my real winrate now should crush my old one.

I've also started to really try working on my tilt. It sounds like a given, but one of the best things to do (ty Jared Tendler) is just to stop and breath. Breathing kind of resets your system, and makes sure that when you hit that bump in the road and go swerving to the right, you don't try swerving back to the left - you just relax and straighten out the wheel.

I've yet to read Tommy Angelo's book - which I hear is absolute gold by the way - but he is big on breathing too. He's more of a live player, but he emphasizes taking long, deep breaths before each hand to clear your mind and stop you from even microtilting.

Now while I feel like I'm in that zen state where I can beat anyone right now, I realize I'm running good and that the real test will come when I run into a nice 40k break-even or losing stretch (again). I'll just deal with that when it gets here though. Right now I'm playing well, running well, and am working my ass off with poker, and it's paying off. This month was my TSN turning point (I guess only Canadians will get that one). Very happy with my results, but especially happy with my work ethic thus far.


Nice summer track from like my favourite year in hiphop:

Now if only this shitty weather would clear up. Was planning on hitting up the cottage, but it's a little bit of a waste if I'll just be inside hiding from the cold rain the whole time...


Jagsti said...

Chuck - After your trend setting review ;), I decided to pay for HEM as well. Hopefully it will be devoid of lag issues I had to endure with PT3. I actually like the graphs on HEM, plus they show all in luck as well. Anyways great month so far for you hope it continues.

Icemonkey9 said...

Dude I think you are the head lemming. It's crazy how much pull you have over CCers. Anyways, being super frustrated with PT3's HUD (lag issues when only 6 tabling!) I probably want to amend the review we wrote for it.

I DL'd HEM last night. The presentation isn't as nice but essentially the same program. I look forward to testing it out under the trial.