Friday, June 6, 2008

3,105 hands, -$259 profit

What a day

Well I've figured out how to motivate myself to play more than 1,000 hands in a day! Run like shit, then desperately try to get back! Today's low point was the worst it has ever been in a single day for me - I got down to -$750 at one point. I ran cold as ice, and tilted worse than ever.

Some of the ugly hands:

That was against a reg, but my image at the table was pretty aggressive. I'm not justifying stacking vs what looks a lot like a set, but I don't think it's absolutely terrible. The guy is definitely the type to ch-r flush draws (ahem) and even his missed baby pairs, so I got it in.

Another marginal-ish one. Against a massive fish this time, and I think he's bad enough to stack with as bad as a naked queen, so I don't think I should worry about that one too much.

No excuse for that one. I did at least think about the hand and thought I could fold out a nine or an UI pocket pair, but I was wrong. Just blind rage there.

So after like 4 of these:

And a couple dozen failed double barrels and c-bets etc, and we have ourselves sitting at -$750. 'SMARTEN UP YOU DUMB F*CK' is what I imagined saying to myself. Then I did.

So I smartened up, played well, and overcame the tilt. Although I still came out almost 3 bills under, I'm actually happy with today because I've learned a few more lessons. I'll finish the post off with some of the 'gentler' hands :)

Was actually expecting a set there, but had to get it in anyways. I mean I was stuck, how am I supposed to fold a set? :)

Just LOL. I'd been setting him up all day, finally it paid off.

Don't slowplay big pairs, kids.

Umm still don't slowplay big pairs, kids.

First hand at the table. Was literally sighing and saying 'let's see the nuts, cmon'. So shitty when you run that bad and start expecting better hands every time you get your money in. Worst feeling in the world.

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