Monday, June 23, 2008

4,264 hands

The Grind

Haven't played all that much since my last post. What I have played has been swingy as hell, but I've come out on top. Like I sit down, first hand at the table against a guy who I honestly didn't recognize (turned out to be a spewer anyways) I ship AK:

Then a few hands later on another table against a tight reg:

Just blegh. At least I literally laughed at the QQ vs TT hand. I said in my head "yeeeaahhhh show me those TTs" and my jaw dropped when he actually showed them lol.

Aside from today, I went through a mini-slump over the weekend that was just kind of Murphy's Law left right and centre. I would repop QQ vs a spewy lag and get donk-shoved on an Axx or Kxx flop. I would raise/3bet AK, cbet a missed flop and get shoved on. I would try to value bet a set, and see the turn and river drop two of the worst cards in the deck putting 4-flushes and 4-straights on board. Fun stuff.

It all blew over today, I played better, ran better, and gained a little more confidence (even through the top set vs quads ;ldasjf;lafjdsfidwojif:). For fun, here are more swongy hands:

^^was up against a 14/8/3 reg. I don't think stacking is terrible, but I think I might be able to find a fold or at least a different line there. It just felt wrong the way I played it, I dunno. Maybe just a setup.

Ughhhh against the spewiest of spewtards. He was like 75/2/2 or something over a decent sample size and I'd been just waiting all session for a hand like this. Breathe in, breathe out. Breathe in, breathe out...

Float turned semibluff all in against a reg. He was probably too tight to make this move against him and I don't think I like it. I was a little tilty after losing some other pot (probably against Mr. 75/2) and decided to call and float most flops. Turn is where I really don't like my play since he's basically completely committing himself to calling that shove with any pair/any draw. Was really surprised to see him fold.

Video Killed the Radio Star

Got some videos done - something I haven't gotten around to in a while. First up was a replay of the hands up session we played at cardschat months ago. If you haven't seen it already, it's actually getting some pretty good feedback and you can watch it here.

Today I watched bw380892095 play a session of 10nl FR and although there are still audio problems (plus some weird video distortion) I think it turned out well. He's been running bad for a while now and I just wanted to help out - bw if you're reading this, again I suggest moving to FR and just shipping the extra tables. Less variance, quicker hand logging, better $/hr profit, easier :) Video is being uploaded and will be posted soon in the video section at CC.

I'm thinking about doing a coaching thing like what dbitel and bw have done, but I'm not %100 sure I'll have the time. Maybe I'll just make the announcement thread and dip like Bitel did, lole.

Oh as a random side note, I made Platinum for the first time. I remember coming just like <5k hands away from doing it several months before. It doesn't mean much on it's own - kind of like daily results - but it comes with a 2.5x multiplier and more VIP freerolls I can forget to play. Gonna go buy 1,000 Moneymaker posters to celebrate, brb.

edit: oh, a CC member made a post in memoriam of George Carlin who apparently passed today of heart failure. His was one of the first stand-up videos I ever saw and I loved the guy. Such a shame, he was an icon for atheists, chronic cussers and grumpy old men all at the same time. RIP George.


SavagePenguin said...
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SavagePenguin said...

I LOL'd when the "spewtard's" hand was revealed. Beautiful!

I've closed all my tables except for one, dying to go to bed, but waiting to hit the spewtard bingo at one particular table. Then that happens and it's like getting kicked in the groin.

Jay said...

Hey Chuck you make me feel better about my game watching you stack off w/QQ v a reg, lol.Seriously, we both know they always show up there w/kk/aa. I hate regs!