Wednesday, June 4, 2008

1,156 hands, $359 profit

Like roller coasters?

Then you'll like today's session. I started out playing pretty aggressive, getting up to 40/40 on a couple tables. Aside from a couple failed bluffs it actually worked pretty well, and had it not been for a little bad luck I wouldn't have broken even for the first ~3/4 of my session. So I waited it out, kept stealing etc just waiting for someone to fight back at me when I finally had a hand, but nothing really showed.

I'll let the replayer tell the rest of the story, but wow that was just an insane day. I'm packing it up because my mind is just scattered right now; today's action was just too nuts for me. Not sure I can play my best anymore today so I'm done.

Fish on my right, reg on my left, pretty standard imo. Nice turn :)


Was just in shock after the last one. Admittedly I tilted, but isolated my mistakes to smaller pots. I think all the big hands after that one were pretty standard, but obviously I got crazy lucky in most of them:

^^^villain was a lagtard.

^^^vs the same guy in the AK vs AA hand :p

...and the random track for the day:


icemonkey9 said...

Dude you should KEEP playing today because from the looks of it you firmly have a horseshoe up yer arse. Looks like a heater to me, but what do I know! :)

Zach said...

hmm, stacking queens with a full buy-in is standard? Any reads on that guy?

ChuckTs said...

lag over a tiny sample size. I dunno about standard, but definitely not a huge mistake.