Monday, June 9, 2008

1,961 hands, $501 profit


Well I already bitched and moaned over at CC about the muggy weather, but really I have to appreciate these 3 sacred months. All year long we're trudging through dirty slush and desperately trying to shield our faces from the bitter cold. I went on a great bikeride for a few hours today and it made me appreciate the weather a lot more. By the end of my trek I'd probably lost 10 pounds of my body weight to sweating, but the rain came down as I was on my way home and it was the most refreshing thing I'd felt in ages. Anyways the weather is actually having an effect on my game. If I were living alone I think it would probably be worth it not to play on days like this. My PC actually heats up my room, doing nothing to help my monitors either, and the fan I have to keep running all day no doubt does wonders for the hydro bill.

I played a good chunk today, a couple smaller sessions yesterday and the day before. The last day I blogged about was so brutal it had me scared shitless to play and possibly drop another $800 or whatever, but I sat down and put some hands in, and everything's been fine. Great actually. I don't know what it is but have the tables been like REALLY juicy the last week or is it just me? I was having more trouble finding good tables at 50nl than I am now at 100nl. Anyways, some more replays for your entertainment:

Yes, you saw that right. The guy actually seemed decent too which was really odd. Buddy listed.

An interesting one that I think I botched. I posted it at both CC and stox and got some good responses. I think the issue is with my flop raise size; after I pop it to $40 I'm basically committed unless he has a range of like only sets and overpairs, so it's a clear call. Definitely noted this guy too. I'm sure others at the table noted me as well :)

Another weird one. Guy was a fish, not sure what else to add there. I was basically hoping for bluffs/Kx/other smaller two pair hands in his range, and K4 was more than enough to take the pot down.

Completely fucked that one up. The guy was a nit, and had I took the extra 5 seconds (another problem with 12 tabling) to check his popup stats, I would have seen that he check-raised the flop like never. So basically his range was sets and nothing else. One of my bigger leaks, especially at 100nl for some silly reason, is giving opponents too much credit for multilevel thinking and expecting them to fight back way more than they actually will. A good general rule for FR poker at 100nl and under is if someone's giving you lots of action and you don't have a monster, just fold. Most FR regulars don't get past button stealing and c-betting when it comes to bluffing. So anyways I'd been isolating like crazy at that table, and thought the BB had caught on to this. Basically I was expecting any overpair there (yes, they will slowplay KK pf), some unimproved underpairs, and a couple JTs/76s draws.

Even against this guy who was an absolute nit, I think I have to get it in. I'm 50/50 with sets, and if I add in two pair hands and the occasional slowplayed overpair it becomes a trivially easy stack. meh.

I'm a fish.

And a few random nasties like that one.

Getting a little low on funds here so I withdrew another $500. After updating my withdrawals spreadsheet which I've maintained since I started actually withdrawing, that leaves me about $500 short of $10,000 all time. Looking back, that's really not too shabby considering this is all from an $11 cardschat freeroll cash. So things are going well. The bankroll is healthy, it's growing, and even through $750 downswings I'm squeeking out a solid profit. I've already logged 11k hands on the month, well on my way to reaching my goals for June. I'll give a halfway point update some time this weekend or close to it. The best thing is that as I put in more and more hands, playing long sessions becomes a lot easier, and makes it possible for me to play even more. It's actually an acquired skill - managing your time. I used to suck at it. Still do, kind of. But I'm learning; 40k+ hands monthly is on the horizon. Anyways I'm very happy so far this month. I'll miss a few days for a cottage trip as early as next week, but even so I think I'll easily surpass my goals for the month.

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Icemonkey9 said...

Dang man, talk about the big time. Glad you finally made the jump into 100nl, I knew you would continue your success.

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