Friday, June 27, 2008

I <3 June

Canada Day Weekend at the Cottage

If you don't see me post heree, at CC or at stox for the rest of the month, well now you know why. Me and a few friends are heading up to my cottage and it's gonna be great. I haven't been in years. We have a spot up in cottage country and although it's been under construction for longer than I can remember, it's more than liveable at the moment.

Bringing up the pooch, beer, 'combustibles', my chip set, my swimming shorts and my camera. I'll post pics and maybe videos when I get back.

So since I'll be gone until probably the 2nd or 3rd of July, I figured I'd post my end-of-month results now.

Seriously, I love June.

Best month evar. I put in the most work I ever have, ran like a god, watched damn near every video stox put out, and managed to get out and party hard through all of it.

Last month's goals were basically to stay away from 6max and to play 30k+ hands. I actually failed in both categories :( I definitely could have played more hands, but with the weather nearly overheating my PC, and with me getting out and exercising more, I can't really be angry with myself. I'm not worried or anything, but I have to realize that future months most probably won't be this good for a while - I ran incredibly good, and my expectation for 25-30k hands should be more like $1000-$1500 or something.

Another thing I meant to do but never got around to was playing more HU. I think maybe I'll touch on that next month some more. Crazy high variance, but I think even playing one table I could easily rival my current $/hr winrate at 50nl, no lies. We'll see. It'll be an experiment.

Also made another video for you, this time just playing 100nl by myself instead of a sweat or something more interesting like that.

July Goals

I've been debating whether or not to not only increase the number of tables I play, but also if I should drop the number of tables. I find my tilt basically has an exponential effect on my game when I add more tables as I have less time to think about hands, and more opportunities to run silly bluffs. Add on the fact that my progress is stunted with more tables (less time to run through a hand and explore all options), and I think I've decided to stick to 9 tables, and 12 at most if I find that many juicy tables.

So with fewer tables it'll be harder (read: will require more hours) to accumulate as many hands. I managed nearly 30k playing 9 tables almost all of June, so maybe I'll just stick to 30k as my 'standard' number from now on. Eventually I think 30k will be my minimum, but I guess I have to crack it first in order for that to happen :/ So...
  • 30k hands at 100nl FR
  • If running well, take a few stabs at 200nl
  • Play >1000 hands of HU
  • Play >1000 hands of 6max (oh dear...)
  • Watch every stox NLHE cash video for July
  • Go to cottage at least once more
  • Fix speed bag stand & buy new speed bag
  • Dunno what else
In a little bit of a rush, maybe I'll add more stuff later.

I know a lot of you guys ran like shit in June and I'm not quite sure what to say except keep your chins up and keep hammering away. It'll turn around. I said it before in Rex's brag thread, and I really believe it: I think a bunch of us CC guys are on a come up. It's easy for me to say because I'm running like an fuckin Ethiopian, but try to keep your eyes on the big picture rather than the daily - or monthly :( - swings. In a few months, we'll be hitting the mid limits and will be eyeing >full time job salaries with our game, and we can all open up our restaurants, bars, personal businesses...whatever. I don't doubt for a second that any of us who keep at this game will make a killing in the long-run.

<3, see you guys when I get back.


Zach said...

hey, have fun at the cottage, sounds like some good fun.

Poker-wise thought you ran like a super-god when I saw those BB/100 until I realized they were big blinds not big bets, then I realized that you only ran like a regular god :P

And I also agree with the comment about the CC players. There are several that have worked all the way up, learning a ton and developing a really strong game. And what I really like is none of them is satisfied with where they are now, they're not some 2p2 guys who brag about their winrate, the mentality instead seems to be "how can I get even better?"

And now that Irexes is at 100nl as well I think the list of people in my head to avoid when table-selecting has more CC players than non-CC players, although it is more common to see non-CC players, as there are a few good 24-tablers not on CC. I don't think it's a stretch at all though to say that by the end of the year we'll have at least a handful beating 200nl or 400nl. Everyone's got solid BRM skills and solid poker fundamenals, no one's taken shortcuts. First step: internet cash game pwnage. Next step: let's have a CC member take home a WSOP bracelet :).

Anyway nice post, enjoy your trip, and hopefully you can continue to run as well as you are when you get back.

Jay said...

Hey Chuck, great post. Have a great time on your hols, chill and enjoy it.

An exceptional month my friend. It's great when all the hard work an dedication pays off. Agrre with what you and Zach have pointed out about the CC players. It's gonna be an interesting few months imo.

GL to you sir and all CC'ers.

bw07507 said...

Nice post Chuck, glad to see someone ran good in June. Have fun at the cottage and hopefully you run as well in July as you did in June. Maybe someday I'll catch up to the stakes you high rollin' CCers are at. :)

Huski said...

Fellow cardschat member here just checking out your blog. Love the blog and everything. Keep it up!

SavagePenguin said...

Good post. Hope you had fun at the cottage.

Myself... in July I ran like a fat man up hill on a hot day.

...wearing flip-flops.

Sean said...

Congrats on your satisfactory month, I hope next month is the same. I liked your comments about CCers and earning their dues and earning their way to bigger stakes. I read that and felt like that's what I am trying to do. So good luck to us all.

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