Tuesday, June 3, 2008

1,337 hands, $280 profit

Yesterday really wasn't worth writing about, so I didn't. I had some shit to do around the house, didn't play much, and ran pretty badly. I half-stacked a guy early on, but aside from that everything was just nasty. C-bets didn't work, my big hands got no action, whine, complain, etc.

Today started out the same, seemingly ~breakeven poker, but I basically both amped up the aggression and caught cards, and came out with one of my biggest winning days. I unfortunately didn't play much today either, and results like this can fool me into thinking I'm doing a good job.

If I keep this pace with playing, I'll be about on pace with 30k hands, but I really haven't even played much yet. I'm confident I can surpass 30k with ease as long as I don't get too caught up with other shit.

Aside from that, nothing much else is new. I'm a little pissed because after last week's shopping spree (2 pairs of shoes, 3 pairs of pants, lots of food, lots of booze) I basically went over my weekly limit on my bank card. Even though I have no-fee banking and in general it's great, the restrictions they use to 'upgrade' your daily limits are ridiculous. I'm thinking of switching banks or just keeping my cash at home. Who knows.

I'll be working tomorrow at my old lady's store, but maybe I can squeeze some hands in after. We shall see. Here's some Elmore James to accompany today's shitty weather in TO:

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