Sunday, May 25, 2008

1,691 hands, $180 profit


Seriously, I think I have fallen in love with a new game. HU. It may have just been sample size, but apparently HU stats/variance normalizes much quicker than other forms of poker, so I'm guessing my 50ptbb/100 is completely sustainable. But really, I had so much fun.

Villain 1: he was already sitting with $30 and change, I sat down, raised %100 of my buttons and basically picked him apart. He eventually got sick of me 3-betting light, got Q8o in against my AJs, won, and ran. Nancy.

Villain 2: joined shortly after, also with only $30. He was a maniac. Raised my c-bets and basically played aroudn with me for a good half-dozen hands before I got him with the hand below. He left after:

Villain 3: Much tougher. Was still a little weak tight (sorry if I laugh, as a FR player, 40/20 is 'weak tight'), and generally played straight forward. He 3-bet light a little bit, so I 4-bet him light once in a while. PF action got pretty heavy, and I still stand by my decision to get AQ in here:

I chipped away at him more, getting really lucky with this (admittedly ugly) hand:

Took a good handful of pots with light 3-bets and 4-bets, and eventually felted him with AQ vs his 77 AIPF.

Villain 4 was pretty good too, but still easily exploitable. Folded too much to steals, only raised like %20 of his hands on the button, but he 3-bet well and played well on the flop too. I chipped away again. After many preflop raises and c-bets, many light 3-bets and 4-bets, and one triple barrel, he eventually got sick of me:

Fun stuff, will definitely play again, and will of course pots results here.


Nuit Blanche runs tonight. My buddy who has an art studio downtown is throwing a party on his roof, so if you happen to be in Kensington Market and see some asshole pissing off a rooftop, holla!


Icemonkey9 said...

KingCurtis put me on to HU as well, only the SNG variety. I've won 5 out of 6 so far. My stats are something like 70/62/inf. . People play way too soft.

Also I like the new background, nice.

Shinedown45 said...

Remind never to play you HU, good going Chuck.

Zach said...

Just so you know the rake is ridiculous at these tables. Not sure if the softness makes up for it, but if you run into a really tight player the blinds you steal most likely won't make up for the rake, but if you can stack those donks relatively quickly they're pretty good money, just super high variance.

The HU sngs are better rake but the quality of the competition is much better simply because the bad players are down at the lower levels. Anyway, good job, sounds like you're doing pretty well.