Friday, May 30, 2008

1,791 hands, $189 profit

Still a slacker

I'm just really not happy with myself overall. Although my results have been nice this month, I know I can play a LOT more, and of course profit a lot more. I have been a little busy this month with RL stuff, but really I should have logged 50k+ hands this month. I think out of spite/fear of 100nl and the terrible results I used to get there, I'm feel pretty much happy sticking around at 50nl. But really I want to move up. I want to be up to 100nl asap (I'm rolled, wtf am I doing?) and 200nl by the end of the summer. By the end of the year I want to be making enough to afford some 6-max coaching unless I somehow really jump over my current hurdle of playing like an enraged, blind gorilla at the tables. Maybe HU will fit somewhere in there; Bryce's videos are pretty much more than enough to get me well on my way up the limits.

So although my results are ok this month, I'm really unhappy. I'll post a monthly review tomorrow, and I'll be posting some pretty ambitious goals along with it. Whether I actually follow through is yet to be determined. We shall see.

My buddy came over yesterday and we basically were porch monkeys all day. We grabbed some italian sausages, some stuff for some salad, and had a nice little 7 hour barbeque.

He kind of came over unexpectedly and I really wanted to get some hands in, so later in the day he said it would be fine if I played because he's never really actually seen me play. Started the session with a nice downswing (which seems to be the norm, who knows why). This guy had AA the very hand before this and overbet shoved, wp :(

Jacks vs a short stack, pretty standard imo although I got it in pretty grudgingly:

...and other irritating hands like:

but in the end I ran pretty well and got a few stacks back, enough to net me like $80 or $90 on the ~hour long session. Some of the winnars:

lol AQs

lol AK

aaaand lol 65

Monthly review and some big goals tomorrow!

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