Saturday, May 24, 2008

5,882 hands, -$71 profit

Roller coaster ride with a stopoff in 6-max city

In part due to the fact that I was running badly for a good 3k hands, in part due to my constant yearning to be able to beat the marginal situations that come with it, I caved in and played some 6-max again, and yet again with bad results (-10BB/100). I ran bad, played worse, and got run over. Eventually I do plan on making the move to 6-max and probably playing 9 tables consistently. I'm falling into the multitabling trap of not thinking about my hands in-depth enough and it's hurting my game. I'll probably actually hire a small stakes coach when my roll is deep enough and see if they can tell me exactly what the hell I'm doing wrong and how I can fix it. Until then, I'll stick to FR where I know I can make money.

I was actually starting to doubt even my FR play up until yesterday. What seemed like the beginning of another long, drawn-out losing streak started. Overpairs getting setted, set over sets, second nut flush losing to nut flush, etc etc. Ed Miller wrote a nice post over at stoxpoker; since I think it's illegal to copy his post considering it's a private, payed subscription forum, plus the fact that I'm too lazy to find it, I'll loosely paraphrase him: It's not the 2 outers, but rather the marginal favourites that hurt and affect your confidence. For example if you CRAI with a big combo draw and happen to be up against a set four out of the last five times, you start to doubt if CRAI is the correct play, and your game suffers. You know with the 2 outers you put your money in good, and you have nothing to worry about as they'll eventually start going your way, probably sooner than later.

Anyways, fuck streaks. Just play your game and good results will follow. I'm still down since my last post, but not even by two buyins, and I know I'm playing a lot better so I'm content.

Overall on the month I'm still doing well (+$700, only $3.75/100), but I'm still a little unhappy that I've only logged 19k hands in so far. I've been busy with RL stuff though, so I'm not really pissed at myself or anything.

Spring fever

Crazy beautiful girls running around in their little skirts and their silly pretentious celebrity glasses. I'm falling in love every other day. It's like dangling cheetos in front of a fat kid. GAGHHFDSKL. I think in part from running bad and wanting to up my spirits, in part for the fact that I haven't bought anything new in ages and look like a bum when I'm out, I went out and dropped like $300 on some sickkkk new khakis, some Chucks, and I'm about to go get a second pair of shoes today too. Money really does go fast when you don't watch what you're buying. I had $1800 in my bank a few weeks ago and ignoring my shopping spree, all but like $500 left has been spent on booze, food and probably more booze. Sigh.

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