Saturday, May 17, 2008

844 hands, $89 profit

Finished a nice little session earlier today, even through a few nasty spots.

I'd been beating up on this guy and the table really for a while, picking up a lot of hands, raising limpers, attacking weakness. This guy was obviously fed up with me and I guess he just thought he was good here? Funny stuff :)

A few big pairs and sets like this kept me alive though:

A friend of mine is apparently leaving town tomorrow or sometime soon and we're all going out for drinks tonight. Should be fun; if there are pics I'll post em.


Zach said...

lol KT

Pud's Poker said...

I thought the KT guy must have KQ or something! LOL! And WTF was Mr 74 thinking?

I can't wait to be rolled for NL50, from the blogs I read the standard seems lower than NL25 for some reason!

Custo said...

called PF with 74, damn that annoys me!. Very nice played with 5's especially the raise on the turn.