Friday, May 2, 2008

772 hands, $249 profit

Home game

My brother and I have a heads up game every once in a while and last night was the first time we played cash. I was actually going to make a half-serious post about how to beat him since he literally has edged me in every game I can remember in the recent past. We used to play small $2-$20 heads up tourneys, he always used to get his money in as a significant dog, and ALWAYS managed to suck out. Bastard.

Anyways we played 10nl last night and if it weren't for him making a couple of marginal calls (or rather me making a couple of marginal plays knowing he wouldn't fold), I would have absolutely creamed him. This really isn't much to be proud of since I've got, oh say, a few thousand more hours of playing experience than he does, but considering how much he'd whooped my ass in the past I was happy. I think it was the fact that in tourneys usually hands resulted in 3-bet all in pots preflop, and against him it's impossible to tell if he's doing it with J3o or AA. I picked up on his actual playing tendencies last night because the deep stacked format actually allowed for 'real' play. Either way it was fun, and I only really managed to take one buyin off of him.

By the beard of Zeus!

Yeah, I'm still running like a god. Aside from the HU session I didn't play yesterday at all, but this morning's session was a pleasant thing to start the day with. I actually started the session with a rather annoying hand...

...but after that it was clear skies. Here are a few of the more interesting hands and a results graph:

Not sure I'll play any more today, but I'll update you if I do.

New MO

With some reading and the advice of some peeps, I've decided I'm going to have to really save up to make a successful and 'safe' move to the apartment (whenever that does happen). I've read it countless times but it never really occurred to me, but I should have at the very least 6 months rent saved up if I want to be able to sustain myself completely through poker.

Having said that, I have the first and last taken care of, and considering I'll actually be paying a fraction of what you would think I'd be paying for rent, as well as the fact that the place probably won't be available until at the very earliest in June, and I think I'll be alright. The worst thing that could happen would be me going on a massive losing streak this month, find out I've got to move in by the end of the month, and still manage to have first and last's rent in the bank as well as whatever's left in my BR.

I've got a bit of pocket change on me and saying as how I haven't bought myself any clothes in like a year (kinda sad really), I've decided to go and get a pair or two of cheap jeans or khakis and probably some white Ts too.


PokerPete said...

All I can say is "wow"...
I love the replay feature... knda gives us mere mortals peek into just how you play those monsters.... making notes right now....

How to Play vs. ChuckT:
2)Leave the table
3)Read about the carnage later through the replay feature on his blog.

:o) very nice indeed.

Pud's Poker said...

WTF was Mr T5 thinking? Even if he thinks you're on a complete steal what does he think he is ahead of? I guess that's why long term poker is profitable!

Do you use any software such as HUD's and the like when you play?

PS - you should rename this post "772 hands, won Pud's entire bankroll"!