Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Another month gone by

April Results

While I can't say I'm disappointed with this month's results, I still feel they could have been better, and that I could have put forth a better effort. Put bluntly, this month was half-assed. I could easily have put in 50k more hands, made twice what I did, and felt a lot better about myself.
  • 21,406 hands of 100nl and 50nl FR, and a small amount of 50nl 6-max early on in the month
  • 100nl was break-even: 5k hands, .7ptbb/100, 40BB profit
  • 50nl 6-max was a disaster: 1,600 hands, -17ptbb/100, -260BB profit
  • 50nl FR was fantastic: 15,000 hands, 9.5ptbb/100, 1,423BB profit
  • Maintained gold status
  • Ordered gift cards for monitor, they still haven't come ffs
  • Got HoC vol 1 and 2, and unfortunately that's deterred me from finishing Dawkins' book
  • $1,234 in profits

I think the fact that I was running so well in the second half of the month made me quit early on so many occasions both in fear of losing my profits and because I often didn't feel that I 'needed' to make any more that day. Silly stuff and hopefully I put more hours in this coming month and ditch that retarded mentality that makes me quit a session early.

May goals

Now that spring is here I'm debating whether or not to start doing landscaping work, and my boss is pretty much waiting for my call to let her know I'll be coming in, so I have to make my decision soon. I can actually see it being beneficial for my poker progress - when I come home from work I can actually
  • Play 30k+ hands of 50nl full ring
  • Don't touch 6-max
  • Watch and study more coaching videos
  • Bank as much money as you can for the new flat, whenever it actually happens
Not much different here from last month, I just want to put in more hours and more hands at the rings. I'm happy I got back to winning $1k in a month, but I'm hungry for more. I know I can reach $2k in a good month and that'll be my goal for May barring a really busy landscaping season.

I hope everyone else's April was profitable and that your May will be just as good :)

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