Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Another day, another dollar

We're going streaking!

Seriously, I'm on a pretty crazy streak. I guess this I'm actually averaging my 'expected' winrate at 50nl (8ptbb/100 if my previous results were accurate), but I think the contrast between this and winning like 1ptbb/100 at 100nl is just making this feel a lot better. April went from an up and down rollercoaster (damn you 100nl and 6-max) to a nice solid winning month. Of course I'm not counting my eggs before they hatch yet, but I'm playing well and getting rewarded which is all a poker player can ask for. Yet again, I present you with some of the more interesting hands.

Villain was a certified maniac, around 60/40/5 or something. I was actually a lot more afraid of the ten than the flush draw since he'd most likely have raised that earlier in the hand, but I mean how can I not look up a guy like this:

EDIT: sorry, the replayer screwed that one up. Player 7 limp-called pf with Q7h, called me down and then shoved the river when checked to.

Would actually like your thoughts on this one. Villain was a 40/2/2 or something like that.

There were a few medium-sized pots I lost including a 4-bet JJ against that guy from the AA hand and I had to give up on an AKx flop. Some other small ones where I lost to short stacks etc etc.

Looking at the hands in review I'm really running well and I have to drill that in my head so the inevitable lowered winrate doesn't crush my morale. A very high percentage of my monsters are facing some *slightly* worse monsters at exactly the best times for me. Again, I'm playing well though and that's all that matters.

Dear PokerStars, I love you.

Seriously, I don't know of any poker site, let alone any company that has customer service this good. I mentioned before about my FPP store problems. Well they weren't really problems, I just wanted my gift cards sent sooner. And pokerstars obliged. They were originally going to be sent with the signed Sklansky/Miller book but I asked them if I could either change my book order or get them shipped separately, and they said I would be receiving the gift cards within 10 business days of yesterday, so I should see a new monitor next to my Acer pretty damn soon. Can't say I'm not excited :)

So A++ for pokerstars. Seriously, they've got the best support in the industry, there's no denying it.

Stoxpoker combo beta

Bryce Paradis has outdone himself. There are still a few bugs and what not (it's still a beta after all), but the program is very clean, very easy to use, and very effective. It's going to be a beast in all hand analysis forums. Check it out.

Also, an introductory video from Bryce:


Zach said...

ok well I'll comment on the one AA hand where you flopped the boat. First off not sure about the raise. Why 1.75 from UTG with a hand you obviously want to build a big pot with? Anyway not a huge problem just wondering if that's your standard bet or what.

Then it's a really nice flop for you, obvious cbet as you're getting called by lots of hands that beat you. A check is fine too on the turn, then if he checks behind you can get more value out of him on the river when he possibly wouldn't have called the turn bet. The tough part is when he bets. You figure if it's an all-out bluff you're not getting anything else out of him no matter how you play it. If he has a monster (8, quads, turned set) you're both getting your money in regardless. So you have to look at the range that will look at your betting pattern to determine how to play it.

This is mainly aces and pocket pairs TT+. As played so far I think we need to just flat call this turn bet and then value bet the river, something like half pot. Harrington goes into this very well when discussing the threat of another bet on latter streets. It's tougher to call with KK or QQ here because they may have to face a bet on the river. But if it's the river, all they have to do is pay the amount of the bet to see showdown and they are more likely to call.

It may not have changed the outcome of the hand, and I probably would have played it the same way as you did here, but thinking it over the only thing you need to be concerned with is getting the maximum value out of the marginal hands. Now the one problem is say an 8 gets scared with the action and doesn't come over the top of your river bet when he would have called the turn and river bet. So I'm not sure, it's marginal though and I still think you played it fine. You did the best you could to try to get villain's stack in, which should be your goal with big hands. He just either had a complete bluff or most likely an underpair-type hand.

Zach said...

And I wish I could run like you, if I see AA or KK lose AIPF one more time, I feel like I'll have to kill something (although I said that before last session where I lost 3/3, all KK vs. AA's).

Anyway, congrats on poker going well.