Saturday, April 19, 2008

Action Dan has arrived

Harrington on Cash Vol 1&2

I came home from Guelph to a nice surprise this morning - both books arrived only five days after I ordered them from Pokerstars' FPP store which was awesome. I'm glad it was so fast, but it leaves me wondering what the hell is taking so long with the other 'package' of gift cards and TAP, which I ordered back on the 2nd of the month. I haven't seen the fruits of my poker labours for quite a while now and it's going to be great when I get those gift cards and go pick up a 24" monitor and a digital camera knowing I bought it with my poker winnings.

I'm only starting part two of Volume one, but the read is great so far. Harrington's tournament books made a huge impact on my game back when I was playing almost strictly donkaments. I'm expecting a lot from his side game books - I've read plenty of poker books, but not many that are both new and apply strictly to cash games. The main issue that no other books I've read really go in depth with is the deep stack factor and commitedness. I know PNL revolves around stack to pot ratio (SPR), and I'm looking forward to reading that one too.

I'll be reading these two books non-stop for now (sorry, Selfish Gene, you'll have to wait). When I'm done I'll whip up a review.

Speaking of reviews, Mr Sticker of cardschat wrote a nice one on The Poker Mindset, a book I'd been looking at for a while. It sounds like it's a quality read and I decided to grab it from the FPP store as well.


...was a shit show as usual. We had to wake up early this morning since my buddy who drove had to get back to work by 10am. As usual we start trying to piece together the night and figure out what the hell we did all night, and pretty much drew a blank. Some things that come to mind were getting a philly cheese steak from Quizno's, getting a sharpie tattoo of a random guy with his organs outside of his body on my calf, playing flip cup to get unnecessarily more drunk, and dancing like a monkey. No pictures of the debauchery yet, but I'll post some when I get a hold of them.

Childish games

I'm still feeling pretty shitty even though I slept most of the day once I got home, so I'm pretty sure I'm going to lay off poker for the day.

I watched Tygran play a session back on Thursday which was fun. He's been on a bad run for a while and I hope I helped him plug some leaks. He's going to send me a small chunk of his database so I can take a further look, and with his permission I might make it into a video which will of course be posted on cardschat.

I've been keeping a close tab on my progress since I'll be needing all the money I can get once I get the new apartment. I'm on pace to play more hands this month than any other I've played which is good. The results haven't been great, but I feel I've been playing well. I've been on a tear at 50nl which is great, but 100nl has been pretty swingy. Had I not lost more than $250 in a 6-max stint I played early in the month, I'd be...well I'd be $250 richer :)

The important thing is I've been 12-tabling 50nl for a solid 6ptbb/100 over 10k hands so far this month and I feel I'm playing my A-game. If I can sustain 5ptbb/100 over an average of 20k hands per month that means I'm making a grand a month which is pretty much what I'll need for living expenses. Tack on the fact that I'll probably be working part-time with landscaping for a few hundred extra monthly and I'm all set.

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