Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Going strong

Patience is key

I think I've found my 'zone' again. I'm in that zen-like state where I can see the big picture and can play my hands well without going into an enraged "MUST MAKE BACK LOSSES" mode. Aside from a couple mishap hands where I played kind of poorly, I've been playing very well and am running neutrally for the first time in a while.

Things are a little hectic here at home, plus pokerstars seems to be lagging quite a bit today which means that I won't be playing much. I fired up 12 tables, but the combination of my dog whining for me to throw his ball, my brother bumping his music and pokerstars keeping me a little on-edge with their server problems is making me just want to take the day off. No need to play if you don't feel you can bring your A game.


I've been mixing it up between 100nl and 50nl. I'm just barely rolled for 100nl at the moment (~$2300) but I'm not sure I can handle 12 tables of it, so I kind of mix it up either with 8 100nl tables, 12 50nl tables, or 6 and 6 or whatever. Sometimes I just go for whatever's juicy.

To give you a perspective of how I'm doing at each individual limit, here's a much nicer-looking graph:

The one big dip is from a pretty big setup vs a fish:

The guy had a really high fold to flop bet %, so I jacked up A5 even out of position. The flop gave me top pair and I didn't see much value in betting unless he had a flush draw. Essentially a wa/wb spot and I just wanted to see a cheap showdown. That is until the turn where I basically put him on the draw, a marginal ace or a slowplayed monster which was pretty unlikely, so I got my money in. I don't think I played it poorly if you look at it street by street, but the results hurt obviously. meh.

Scrimp and save

This is becoming a real pain in the ass. I've got like $600 sitting right in front of my eyes that I can't spend because I have to keep it available for rent should our landlord ring us up about the apartment. It's getting pretty tough because aside from that money I'm broke as fuck and have like $10. My buddy, who's been in a pretty tight band for some time now, had a show last night the silver dollar over on Spadina. Guess where I was all night (pouts).

Ah well, it'll all pay off handsomely when we finally get this fucking place. I'm just sick of waiting around. I think I'll just let my passion for the new pad channel into my poker and hopefully build myself up enough funds to get some new stuff like couches, new computer chair etc.

I'll keep you updated as usual! Any comments, criticisms or whatever are always welcome.

Couldn't find a studio youtube version of that track but it's still dope.

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