Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Call me Undecided

To 6-max, or not to 6-max?

That is the question with the glaringly obvious answer. Such a tough decision: should I continue playing full ring...

...or should I play 6-max?...

It's become glaringly obvious that I have a lot of postflop leaks. I do see some light at the end of the tunnel in that I can improve my 6-max (ie postflop lag) game. The thing is, as I've mentioned before, I need money. Like now. So my progression at 6-max is just going to have to hold itself off for a few more months until I'm financially stable enough that I don't have to worry about a break-even month or even a marginally losing one. Full-ring it is. I *think* it's official this time.

Up, down, up, down...

I played some 6-max yesterday and ran so badly that the results rivaled some of my worst days ever in terms of buyins lost. I pretty much decided at that point that 6-max was something I really had to work on and decided to ignore the day's losses and go see some friends. A buddy was in from university, so we all got shitfaced and went to the local hole in the wall. It was kind of cool because they had a low-key band playing (a RARE occurrence at this place) and of course they have a nice beat up pool table in the back too. The bar has no stage or anything like that, so the band (guitar, harmonica, piece of shit drum machine and their trailer trash groupie) just sat at a couple tables and played some pretty good blues while we fed our faces with booze and shot some pool in the back.

Anyways I woke up today, hung over and all, and said "FUCK IT! I'm going to ruin the tables today". And I did. I've now learned to 12-table profitably at 50nl FR and got like 1400 hands in in a very short time, raking in like 5 buyins which was nice. I ran pretty well, managing to stack AQ with a set on a rag board, winning a race very deep with another set vs AKs for overcards and the flush draw, and a handful of other smaller pots.

A while back I wrote about how much moving to 8 tables from 6 helped my game, and I should basically rehash that post as I'm loving what 12 tables is doing for me. It will help me see the long-term in a shorter time span, help me identify leaks quicker, and best of all I earn more $/hr as well as FPPs/hr this way unless my per-table edge really drops (which it hasn't and won't). The only problem is that on my current monitor there's basically a TON of overlap, but as soon as I buy myself that new monitor I can split the tables up between it and my current display without any overlap. Who knows, maybe I'll shoot for 16 tables.

Well I've been getting more and more into blues lately, and the band we saw only fueled my flame for it even more. I have a really love/hate relationship with the 80s, but stuff like this definitely falls into the love category. Stevie Ray Vaughan playing one of the best songs ever written:

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