Monday, April 21, 2008

I run goot? Unpossible!


I only really logged 600 hands, but MAN were they profitable.

The beginning of the session saw me pick up a flurry of big pairs, but none of them really brought in any big pots. I kept grinding it out and eventually the pace started picking up. I not only started flopping sets and hitting draws, but I was lucky in another way in that every time I had a hand, my opponent had a hand good enough to stack with but not good enough to beat me. Here are a couple of the more fun hands:

(played oddly, I know)

I even got a nit to stack me with 77 vs my AA on a rag board. He called a 3-bet out of position, donk-called a rag flop, and donk-called my shove on a rag turn. Juicy stuff.

Thank you Mr. Postman

Well I got my cheque from FedEx today, 1000 big ones, and out of both curiosity and eagerness to get the gift cards delivered, I contacted PokerStars' FPP store to find out what was taking so long. At the beginning of the month I ordered Sklansky/Miller's TAP alongside three $250 gift cards. Since then, I've ordered the HoC series which came less than a week after I ordered it, The Poker Mindset which I only just ordered like two days ago, and of course a withdrawal which arrived today after a surprisingly short time.

It turns out that the reason it's taking so long is because they have to actually ship their books out to Sklansky to get them signed (he's of course a busy man too), and then they get shipped back to PS, and finally back to me. I was told by PS's support that it would take 3-4 more weeks. I'm too impatient for that and asked that they send me an unautographed version - no offense, Sklansky ;) We'll have to see if they can meet my request.

I'm kind of bitching here about small things, and really couldn't say enough about pokerstars' support. They've always been extremely quick with deliveries, and will always in my book be the best site for support, among other things, on the market.

RIP Brandi

This is a little late, but I never really gave my respects. To be honest I really don't know much about her other than the fact that she was involved in some shady business. I looked her name up and found some videos of interviews with her and she seemed like a real cutie. Such a shame; a lot of people are making jokes and posting disrespectful shit. Really, to be in a state of mind where you don't feel like living anymore is something most of us can't imagine. RIP Brandi, hope you're happier now wherever you are.


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