Saturday, April 26, 2008

809 hands, $112.65 profit

Still running like a god

It's a little irritating and is something I'm still struggling to overcome, but I have a small case of winner's tilt. Whenever I go on a streak like this, my psyche starts expecting an inevitable downswing. Of course we all know streaks don't really exist - each hand is independent of itself and our minds only form these non-existant patterns over long streaks of hands. On top of playing a little scared, I actually found myself making some pretty poor plays as if I was expecting to win. For example I raised in EP with a small pair, got 3-bet by a nit in LP who definitely didn't give me odds to call, but I did anyways. When your confidence starts to overcome your logic, well of course that can never be a good thing.

I'm glad I'll be getting The Poker Mindset in the mail soon, and I'm also still looking for a way to get Tommy Angelo's book. Those should both renew my outlook on poker for the better.

Flat flop

Unfortunately it looks like someone else who lives in the same loft building as the pad we were looking at already had dibs on the place, and we were not informed until just a few days ago. Bummer. The place sounded perfect - most of the top floor of a loft building, spiral staircase to the rooftop which we only had access too, twice the size of anything else we were looking at and for an actually cheaper price...ah well. It's not completely out of the window, but my dad, who's been doing all the 'negotiations' and such, is the type to get completely excited and anticipate moving in no matter what if the landlord tells is it's a 'maybe', then completely get depressed and abandon the idea when she tells him it's a 'maybe not'. What a goof.

This may actually be a good thing for me as I was really tight for funds. This should give me some time to save up for the next flat we find, or if I decide to get my own. I'm disappointed, but not devastated.

Back already?

I got a surprise call a couple days ago from my good friend who's been traveling non-stop lately. It makes me ashamed to see how much he's doing with his life. He'd been taking firefighter courses and doing volunteer work for ages, and had gotten a call to write a final exam back here in Toronto. He's already written it, but he's here until Sunday which is when we're all going to get absolutely plastered. I did have a few beers with him last night, but it was nothing too big.

I actually witnessed something last night I'd never seen/heard before. We were sitting in the local park having some brews, and we all could hear like a slight crackling all around us. My friend is a big nature buff and guessed that it was all the insects spawning out of the ground, and although it sounds a little farfetched, I still think it's the actual plants popping out of the ground. Hell, maybe it was both. It wasn't windy at all, and you could look over and literally see the small blades of grass and weeds twisting out of the ground ever so slowly, pushing dead, dried leaves out of their way making the crackling sound. Anyways it was a little weird that I'd never witnessed this before, but it was pretty cool.

Every time he comes back he tells me about his incredible journeys through numerous south american countries, and he's really, really convincing me to either go and visit him down there, or actually go travel somewhere else myself. The problem is that I'm really not that much of an outgoing person, and tbh traveling really doesn't seem like it's for me. Life is about experiences and meeting new people though, so maybe I'll make some changes. I just think if there were a time to go, it would be now, before I'm locked up with a career and mortgage payments etc. Well he's made a strong case to get the hell out of this drab city.

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