Tuesday, April 29, 2008

742 hands, $151.75 profit

On the fence

So now it turns out that my Dad got his information all screwed up and that we actually do still have the apartment. I'm really not sure how accurate his 'intel' is this time around, so I've decided I'm not exactly planning my life around the new flat. I will be grinding and saving as much moolah as I can in the coming months, and if our spot does actually open up in what my old man says is June or July, then I'll move. Until then, it's pure grinding. I do have some things to look into - getting my driver's license, new college courses, and possibly traveling - and the money will certainly help me get some of those things done.

Soooo shitty

So like I said my buddy came to town to visit, and Sunday night, as planned, was an absolute shit show. (cue Dave Chappelle style whiteboy beer-counting...) I killed a six-pack with my buddies on the way downtown, got pretty hammered and we all settled down at the local bar. We had quite a few people with us, and even more coming - eventually the second wave of people gave us a call and said they had beers they wanted to kill at a park before they came to the bar, so we go out and meet them in the park. Down goes one Colt 45 king can, I start to feel sick. Hadn't had that shit in quite a while, and it brought back some fuzzy memories of drinking in random parks across the city.

So we all headed back to the bar, played pool and shot the shit for a while, and eventually got physically pushed out of the place by the bartenders and the owner. I guess they're pretty strict about serving within the legal ours. We grabbed a shawarma, and all got ready to head home. Then someone mentioned tequila (why oh why), so of course we all headed to the afterparty. Most of us had bikes except for Braden (the traveling one), but he's a physically active guy and happily ran along side us. We somehow lost him within 5 minutes, assumed he was going to meet us at the house, and kept going.

The weird thing was that he actually never got to the house, and considering his past, we all assumed he had either passed out on a park bench or found a nice safe jail cell bed to crash in. We got back to the house, one thing led to another, my other buddy yacked all over the porch, we head home for, oh, 5am.

I woke up the next morning to the incredibly annoying sound of my alarm clock at 8:30 am and found a scribble on my hand that I remember being my attempt at reminding me that I had to help my dad move that morning. Don't ask me how I expect an arabic-looking scribble on my palm to wake me up in time. I had to really exercise some self control keeping whatever was bubbling in my stomach down, and eventually helped my dad move all his shit for a few hours. Got home later, slept all day, and here I am. Still not feeling tops :/

Slow as molasses in...April

April's wrapping up, but unfortunately I really haven't played a lot lately. I've only played like 700 hands since my last post, but I'm still running good, so I'm semi-satisfied about that. This is about the time of the month when I look back at last month's goals and see if I actually reached any of them. Unfortunately I always seem to set them with tons of enthusiasm and zest at the beginning of the month, and end up forgetting about them by the end. I'll save my full review for tomorrow or the day after, but I definitely could have squeezed in more hours.

I've obviously been running very well for most of this month which is nice though. I'm trying to take a look at the big picture and figure out what went wrong at 100nl, and what happened at 50nl. I know I basically didn't run badly at 50nl, but looking at it overall, I didn't really have too many crazy heaters either. Overall I've run at 9ptbb/100, and I'd guess that at the very minimum I can make 6ptbb/100 long-term, possibly up to 8. 12-tabling 50nl for an average of around 75 hands per hour, that equates to $54/hour at 6ptbb/100, and $72/hr at 8ptbb/100 if my math is correct. Who needs a goddamn day job :)

I'm still thinking about moving up to 100nl, but my main concern right now is money, and 50nl is providing plenty of that at the time being, so for now I'm fine staying where I am. One thing I've been thinking about is whether or not I can or should play more tables. I'm already finding myself play a pretty mechanical game, though I can definitely still mix it up with 12 tables. The big problem with my current monitor is all the overlap, so I'll have to see what I can sustain with the new monitor.

Speaking of the new monitor, I'm pissed. Pokerstars emailed me about sending the gift cards separately, giving me this very confusing piece of information last Tuesday:

They are shipped separately. I apologize for the delay in processing your
VIP store order. Your gift card orders were placed with our supplier on
April 14. The average delivery time is 3 weeks. However it may take up to
4-6 weeks for package processing and delivery. You should be receiving them
within 10 days.

Right after, I got a shipping confirmation notice with a tracking number, and of course I assumed it was the gift cards. I got the order yesterday, and it turned out to be The Poker Mindset book I'd ordered last week so I was kind of disappointed.

So what do you make of the situation? 10 days from last Tuesday? 3 weeks? 4-6 weeks!?!? bah!

I even got all excited and expected the delivery yesterday. I was going to go out and buy it last night :(

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