Thursday, April 17, 2008

Getting busy...


Things are still going strong. I played for an hour or two today logging a good chunk of hands and a good profit as well. I started the day calling a beluga shove on the river against a player who turned out to be a nit (my stats hadn't popped up on him yet) and also happened to have quads to beat my boat. I think my call was 'ok' against an unknown as there was a busted draw and of course a good chunk of the time I'm chopping, but had I known he was a nit it would be just terrible since I'm at best chopping.

There was one other hand that kind of frustrated me because the way it turned out just made me want to gag. I called an EP raise from a tight player with a small pair to set mine. I hit my set on a board with a flush draw and decided to lead-push or lead-call and check-raise all in on the turn. I lead, he raised me, and I called. I went for a check-raise all in on the turn, which filled the flush, but he checked behind. And another flush card dropped on the river. Several of the 12 tables I was playing had hands running on them too, and I ended up block-betting the river, got raised, and had to fold. *slap* wake up Taylor.

From then on out I played pretty well. I played a bunch of small pots with mixed results, and eventually got some stacks in with AA vs QQ, a couple sets, and some other smaller pots.

I also played a little bit yesterday, finishing the day up like $20.

Oh, also I was talking with Tygran of cardschat about doing a sweat session today. A while back I 'coached' him for a session and it was a lot of fun. He seems to be on a pretty bad run and hopefully I can help him out with his game as he seems to have lost a lot of confidence. The last few sweats I've done (with Liam, Zach, then Jagsti) have all been screwed up with the sound recording levels. Hopefully we get this one right and me or Tygran can post a good video for discussion.

A visit

My buddy who's been traveling like crazy lately stopped off in Toronto again and we had a few beers last night. He's been all throughout South America for a while - Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Bolivia, Artgentina, the Easter Islands. His dad is a geophysicist and so he always gets the chance to do field work in remote parts of the world (which involves lots of gear-carrying and digging). He got called up like a month ago to go to northern Saskatchewan, and on his way back down south to Peru or wherever the hell he's going next was when he dropped by. Anyways his next plan is to stay down there where he's basically living in a paradise for another year or two, he's not sure.

I'm easily persuaded when drunk, and admittedly have lost some of my enthusiasm from last night, but all the stories he was telling me last night really really made me want to travel. I'm really thinking about it, but as you know things are a little busy with me trying to get this new apartment and I'm really not sure what I'm going to do. I'm in dire need of some new experiences and I think what I'll eventually do is settle down in my new flat until at least winter, and if I have enough funds saved up at that point then I may ditch it and head down south. Who knows.

Speaking of the apartment, my dad who's of course going to be living with me has been talking to the landlord and it sounds like we may even move in as early as the end of this month. I've been desperately trying not to touch this rent money I have sitting here, but I caved a few times and will probably have to make another withdrawal from my poker account. That's fine though as even now I'm 12-tabling the 50max tables with a $2,500 bankroll which is more than enough. Actually I'm going to go withdraw now so I have it in time in case we do get the place for next month.

It's in the mail!

A couple days ago I was just looking through the FPP store and to my surprise they had Harrington's cash game books available, so I nabbed both of them as soon as I could. As you know I ordered three $250 futureshop gift cards and Sklanksy/Miller's TAP book as well.

Today I got a nice email from pokerstars giving me two different tracking numbers for my orders, and when I checked them on the tracking site they were actually already in Toronto. I guess I should expect them either today or tomorrow then, right?

I'm sure TAP is a great book, but to be honest I don't think I'll be able to resist Harrington's ring game books. His tourney books sparked one of the biggest changes in my game back when I played STTs and MTTs almost strictly, so I'm expecting big things from the cash game books.

I've been looking for a copy of Miller's PNL for ages now in my local book stores (and the FPP store) but haven't found one. I could order it off of barnes & noble or amazon or something, but right now I just can't afford it. Oh, also looking for Tommy Angelo's Elements of Poker which is supposed to be great (right Fredrik?). Apparently he sells it on his site, so when I free up some money around here maybe I'll order both of those too.

I'm ranting as usual, but spring is finally here (really this time, 19C!!!) and I couldn't be happier. I'm gonna go eat something and take a bike ride, then do the sweat session with Tygran.

Oh, one last thing. My buddy is having his annual keg up in Guelph tomorrow which should be fun. I can't promise anything, but if we get any good flicks I'll post them here or at cardschat. It's always a shit show up there so it should be fun :)

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