Thursday, May 15, 2008



9 tables and PT looking nice:

The whole set up:

Me eating dog for breakfast:


Zach said...

lol kinda funny that the one on the right is the crappy one with worse resolution. 24" monitors are amazing though. Hell even when you're not playing poker you can watch movies and such on it and it's better quality than a lot of TVs.

And most of us Americans eat like cereal or eggs or pancakes for breakfast, but if Canadians like to eat dogs instead, I won't be one to judge :).

tenbob said...

Nice set up there Chuck. God I cant wait until this wedding of mine is over so i can justify the expense of a new set up.

Oh the dog looks tasty :)

Icemonkey9 said...

Nice new monitor man. And the chair is everything - take it from a guy that works for a living sitting in front of a computer.

Ya look slightly 'gangstah' in the whole rig photo, nice work.