Tuesday, September 2, 2008

0 hands


I can't help it - I love spending money. Not that I need to be spoiled more than I already am, but I love treating myself to a new toy after a good month. This time 'round my bankroll is sitting higher than it has ever been, and as I don't plan on moving to 400nl any time soon, I figured I'd blow a little bit of dough.

I mentioned the TV-monitor tradeoff I might do with my mummy. I give her my 32" Acer, she buys me a new 24" Samsung. I actually pay a small amount of rent, or room and board rather, but I whipped up a deal with her saying that I could be let off the price of the monitor for the next few weeks' rent, and we call the deal even. So tonight, if she's down to drive me downtown to futureshop, I'll be picking up a nice second hi-res 24" samsung and my mum will have a flat panel to watch in her room :)

Thinking about the future...

With this whole thing with my aunt and my recent move to 200nl, I've been thinking a lot more about exactly what I'll be doing in the coming months (and years). Before my oma moved in, I was planning on moving out or even going traveling. That's kind of out of the window for now because I have to be around to take care of her.

So I'm thinking going back to college (ie community college). I was going to say that there wasn't much point since I've already finished all the electrical courses, but that's pretty narrow-minded thinking. I could definitely expand my education and look into construction, business management, maybe pick up another language, who knows. I'll definitely blow the dust off the course list book and take a look at what else they offer.

Speaking of things I haven't done in ages, I need exercise! I used to play different levels of hockey at least every winter (several years in summer hockey), but ever since I surpassed the max. age limit I have basically done zilch to keep myself active. I walk my dog daily, work out every month or so at home, and recently was getting really heavily into speed bagging before my stand broke. Since there are issues with the speed bag stand (can't keep it outside during the winter, can't bring it inside, don't have space to put in a wall-mounted version), I think I'll have to scrap that idea. I thought maybe I'd join a boxing gym. That's something I've been wanting to do for ages.

So I've got a brand new list of shit-to-do on my bedroom wall, including getting my driver's license, updating my passport, getting a credit card, skydiving, and all of the stuff from above. Looks like I've got stuff to do aside from poker after all.

None of that today, btw. I might play later on once (if) I get my second monitor hooked up, but I was too busy walking my dog, giving him a flee-killing shampoo and cleaning the house to get any tables fired up.

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