Thursday, September 4, 2008

611 hands

...and another crazy day.  This is just surreal to me.

After finishing what seemed like a pretty solid session, I started looking through holdem manager for hands to post, and noticed I'd won another $670.  I'm running fucking 30ptbb/100 this month, and 11 since the beginning of August.  Just insane.  I'm not sure I've ever run this good over this many hands in ptbb, and that includes going way back to 25nl.

Recorded last night's session for Stosh and I'll be sending it to him some time today.  Of course once he sends me his reply I'll post them both for you guys.

Some hands from yesterday:

Against a guy who looked like a 21/17, but was going nuts that session. Must have had a huge beat before I sat down or something.

Just noticing the hand replayer is hiding my cards for some reason. meh. This was against a floaty type player. What a perfect river.

A little bit of a dicey calldown, but I think it was actually ok.  I'd been 3betting this guy like crazy because he opens so wide, and this was the first hand he fought back with. I've also really underrepresented my hand. I look like I have AK/AQ etc here almost always after checking the turn (which may have been a mistake), so his bluffing frequency is going to skyrocket.

He called the flop really quickly (which to me is either a monster or a complete float, usually the latter) and took just as little time on the turn, which made me think. This is exactly what a made marginal hand like 9s will do, and I was really surprised he'd checked so fast with a float. His river bet didn't make much sense to me though - I look like I have ace high, rarely an overpair, and he basically 3/4 pots it. If he's got a monster like a set or 99, he wants me to call with marginal hands like a weak ten or even ace-high. Betting that large just didn't add up to me, so I called. Thoughts?

Was scared shitless here. SB is a nit, BTN I wasn't worried about, but I don't have much experience playing deep and really wasn't sure if I should be stacking there. Wasn't even sure about the pf amounts.


SavagePenguin said...

So, uh, what did you have that last hand? Scared shitless with T/T or something?

ChuckTs said...

kings :)