Thursday, September 18, 2008

323 hands

Just a reminder - it's not about the results, but about how well you played. I lost half a buyin today but I felt I played great and ended the session with a smile on my face.

Fun wa/wb calldown against a pretty aggro player. I didn't have many hands on him though which made it a little more marginal.

"Let's see those jacks, let's see 'em!!!", and he did.

Against a hugely aggressive (and as I later learned, stationy) player who had fucked with every single one of my cbets up to this point, so I decided to take a stand. Didn't work. I think I probably should have basically waited for a hand before getting some money in. This guy just wasn't going to believe me unless I showed him a hand. Raising 52o pf knowing your opponent is going to mess with you isn't the best idea either.

I can think of a few more hands I played poorly, but in smaller pots. Taking the 'make mistakes, but learn from them' road rather than the 'play the same and never improve' one is much much better in my mind though. I've been trying some new lines and experimenting a little which is always fun, but definitely not always profitable.

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