Monday, September 15, 2008

1,125 hands


First time in a while too. After contacting Hunter of stoxpoker about coaching and getting some advice to drop down a couple limits and play HU for hand-reading experience, I first went to a 50nl table. My opponent was very loose and very passive. I never won a 'big' (see >20bb pot), lost a full stack in a FH < quads cooler and still managed to clean him out for somewhere under a buyin. Decided to move up to 100nl. Found one huge fish and one decent player who I thought I still had an edge on, and two tabled them.

Long story short, they both caught some cards, I ran bad bluffs, tilted, ran worse bluffs, and lost lots. I was as low as about -$500 at one point, but after the fish hit n run on his last hand, I cleared my head and started to play well against the better player. Only about -$200 on the day, and I'm still not happy about tilting. I think as long as I have an ego and have some respect for money, there will always be the possibility of me tilting. It's always a challenge to try and level my head out though when I am steaming, and I'm glad I did it well today (albeit a little too late).

I do have to say that Hunter was right though - it improves your hand reading skills like no other game can. Value betting ace high and bottom pair in 3 bet pots can feel pretty sexy. Next time I have to make sure I don't multitable though, it's just too quick at the moment and puts me in exponential tilt when I run bad.

Some of the hands. Keep in mind HU is obviously a very read-dependent game. Also keep in mind a lot of this is just bad :)





Don't ask me why I'm raising someone who won't fold middle pair...thank god for the turn.

Those are most of the bigger ones, I'm sure there were tons of other interesting spots but I didn't manage to mark them in between the crazy-fast HU hands.

Looking forward to hitting up the 6max tables tomorrow and logging another solid day to get me back on track.

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