Tuesday, September 30, 2008

3 things...


As was requested by some peeps after I put out my 6-tabling video, I'll be putting out a small series of 4 videos where I play 10nl through 100nl 6max in hopes of showing players how to beat their respective stakes. ~30 minute videos per stake in which I'll be two-tabling while talking about the hands I play and the general strategy I think you should adopt. Should be fun.

I've already finished 10nl and 25nl today and I think I'll do the other two tomorrow.


I won't be playing any more poker today. Why? Because the new Brothers in Arms game is out and I want to pop some tops.


Best month ever. I've done too much bragging already, so this is it for September:

Biggest winning pot:

Biggest losing pot:

My only real goal from last month was to play more hands. I'm really not hating myself that much for playing what I did. I'm only 4-tabling and occasionally 6-tabling, and I'm thinking about poker like I never have before. My biggest strides in my game have been from this month and August. I do think I could plug more hands and I'll see if I can do so in the coming months, but honestly I'm happy plugging 15k-20k hands monthly and doing what I'm doing now.

Plans for the future include treating myself to some new shit, including a reclining leather loveseat for my room and probably some clothes. I own about 50 white and black tees, a pair of khakis and a pair of ripped up jeans. It's about time for some new stuff. I think long-term I'm going to stick around at 200nl for a good 50k hands minimum and see how that goes. If I maintain anything over 5ptbb/100 I'll probably start taking shots at 400nl.


Icemonkey9 said...

I bow to you sir. I bow again. And I bow a third time to your greatness.

Dude, this is unreal. What a month, and I'm glad you're enjoying this success because you're a decent guy who has worked his ass off at his game.

And thanks for following through on my idea for the "Crushing The Limits" series! I am really looking forward to that!!

Custo said...

The financial result for the month is unbelievable, congratulations mate.

I think it is extremely generous of you to create these crushing the limits vids. When ice first suggested it I was really hoping you'd make these and the same as ice I can not wait to download and watch as ring is my biggest problem.

Again Chuck, awesome month, keep it up. I can see things getting bigger for you aswell in the future and looking forward to that.

Good on you mate.

WVHillbilly said...

Too bad all that money you dropped on Stosh's coaching went to waste! Actually you paid for that in what an hour or two!

Really glad to see you doing so well. Keep it up so I can say I knew you when.

Fredrik Paulsson: said...

This is so awesome. Of all the people's poker careers I'm following, yours is the one I'm rooting the hardest for.

Good job!

Kevin said...

*eagerly anticipates the videos you'll put out*

Entiteit said...

Huge month.

Congrats on everything you achieved. Money-wise and about the game itself too. I greatly appreciate all your vids and am looking forward to the new series. Keep doing what you do chuck it's working out great !

Enjoy your life the way it is atm ;)