Wednesday, September 3, 2008

New toy

Still haven't played a session today, but I'm about to hop on it right after this post.  Don't exactly want a repeat (hands-wise at least) of last month.  I think I'll make a video out of it and ship that to Stosh too.

My new $440 toy beside her twin sister:

It doesn't seem like much difference from my acer/samsung combo, but now that the resolutions and sizes are the same I think it will be much easier to use.  Much sexier looking too imo :)

I think I'm done splurging for a good while now.  I don't really *need* anything else (especially nothing relating to my workstation), but I'm sure the consumer inside me will find something else to blow some cheddar on.


K_Kahne_Fan said...

Those are sweet! Do they have a verticle mounting option? I know most come with verticle display option. Those two vertically would make a pretty cool site too.

wsorbust said...

Very nice setup.

I'd watch where you place your drinks etc. Don't bump that cup over!!!