Sunday, September 14, 2008

883 hands

Posted this one in the forums, still not sure what the best line is. I'm thinking since there are a ton of draws I want to charge, but at the same time I think there are a good number of bluffs in his range that I want to keep in so they can barrel me. Also of course legit hands make up a decent part of his range, not sure if there are enough of them to make me want to fold.

I like the double barrel. Villain is like a 21/19 tag, I think most of his range on the flop is pocket pairs that just can't continue on the K turn. Looks like he floated me with AK or hit a set...well that or he slowplayed AA on me.

Not sure of the best line here. This one was in a video for Stosh so I'll get some nice feedback on it which will help. We're a little deep and I was debating on the flop whether I wanted to ch-r and barrel the turn or bet-3bet or bet-shove the flop. Not sure what tilted my decision but as played I don't think I'm ever getting him to fold the river so I shut down.

Villain is a huge fish, pretty bluffy, and very aggro. I like my isolation but the call of his limp-raise is a little sloppy. I actually don't like my postflop play either, I like just raising the flop to try and fold out 88-QQ and set up a nice turn shove. Turned out well though, I guess that's what happens when you're a lucksack.

Fun calldown vs a massively aggressive fishy-ish player. He's like 30/26 or something, never folds to 3bets and barrels so often it makes baby jesus cry. I guess his bluff here has some merit since I'm probably floating him often, plus on the river the draw's missed so meh. He's still a fish though :)

Fun spot. I'd been very aggressive taking lots of pots down, also making small cbets against fish to get a better price. Villain here is a good reg who was no doubt paying attention and I put out a smaller bet to make him think I was doing the same thing since it's such an obvious cbetting flop. Worked perfectly, got my ch-r bluff out of him that I wanted but unfortunately he didn't have KQ or a flush draw or whatever.

So things are good. Aunt is getting better, but it's obviously going to be a long, drawn-out process. My mom's business is still going slow, but her boyfriend, my step-dad, has been working a very high-paying construction job for the last few months and we're getting caught-up with our debt. As you can tell from my incessant bragging, I'm also doing very well. Bankroll is growing daily, often in $300-$500 chunks, and I'm feeling very comfortable at the tables.

I have more money flowing than I ever have in my life and it's actually to the point where I don't know what to do with it. Aside from letting my roll grow and moving up in limits (won't touch 400nl for a long time mind you), I'm thinking I'll grab some more stuff from Ikea since it's so damn cheap (leather loveseat and a new cupboard/shelve thingy). I've also been thinking about getting into a boxing gym or something and getting myself back into shape.

Some other stuff on the list includes coaching for Tygran (I hope he doesn't mind me mentioning this), and possibly getting a deucescracked subscription on top of my stox one.

Yeesh, looks like I'll be dropping a lot of dough in the near future...

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