Thursday, September 11, 2008

880 hands

Interesting session, and a very profitable one again. Just going to drop some plop some hands on you since I don't have much else to talk about.

First, some 4bet pots:

Unknown who just sat down. I'd guesstimate that more than half the time a 3bet from a new player at the table is a solid player trying to set his image down. I guess this time he had a hand :)

Flippedy doo dah. I'd been stealing this guy's blinds like crazy and had 3bet light quite a few times. These hands get it in no matter what, but I think I had him shoving a much wider range than that and the big pairs.

I run so good. Villain's stats here after <50 hands suggested he was a good lagtag - something like 24/20, and a player like that is 3betting crazy light in a spot like that, so I took a shot. Postflop I decided I was probably playing for stacks, but had to play it wa/wb.

Villain was a 75/25/kajillion fish and although stacking TP looks fishy I'm miles ahead of his range. Funnily enough not only does he have the very top of his range, but I suck out :) That kids, is how to run good.

Bah. This guy ate me up. He was a huge fish, and barring one bad hero call I made for a >PSB with A9-high, he basically ran ridiculously well against me and just couldn't lose. Being oop against him sucked too.

Just ch-f right? Villain is a 40/10 fish, not sure I fold anything I beat here or get called by worse. Bah.

Another fish who had my number. He hit and run after this, little c***.

That was the one thing that got me a little steamy last night. I was trying to record my last video for Stosh and I remember saying "ok Stosh, well now you get to witness me try to cool myself off" before taking some long deep breaths, lol. It was fine though, I was sitting at plenty of fishy tables and got my money in good. Can't do much better than that. Another $500 day is nice too, I'm damn near at last month's (best month ever for me) total and I've only played like 4k hands.

In the back of my mind I keep expecting an 'inevitable' downswing, which is of course absurd. Swings, both up and down, are nothing but the product of our pattern-obsessed minds. Play good, and on average, you'll run well. Play bad, and on average you'll run bad. Stosh's comments in his most recent video review really boosted my confidence, maybe too much. He basically said "I know you say you're running well, but you're playing great too. It looks like you'll crush 200nl and are set to beat up the mid limits". Fistpump. No seriously, I fistpumped when I heard that. Then I gave myself a high five.

In other news, I think I have a fucking broken pixel! WTF!

I opted not to get the extended warranty and I'm not sure the 'standard' warranty will cover this...scared as shit. Right now I'm running a dead pixel sweep or something, it's an annoying TV distortion-looking window I need to keep over the dead pixel for a good hour. Wish me luck :(

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Entiteit said...

Congratulations on the profits, the plays, and the positive coach reviews.

Now this dead pixel, do you mean on your monitor screen ?

Cause I think I have one too, it's impossible to see when i have a light background but when the background is dark I can see a light spot where that pixel is..