Wednesday, September 10, 2008

1,800 hands

Still going slow as fuck, but I can't really do much about it. I finally kind of slapped myself in the face and realized I needed to make a schedule for when I should be playing based around when I'll be taking care of my grandma. Several days a week she goes to an old folks centre type thing, and so naturally those are the days I should be plugging as many hands in as I can. I could play poker while she's here, but it's a little inconsiderate leaving her downstairs by herself all day and just dropping her lunch in front of her at noon.

Another thing that's been keeping the progress down at a snail's pace is that I'm sick. It's getting a little better, but bad enough in the past week that I even when I had time to play, I just couldn't sit there and play. I was getting headaches, sinus pains, my nose was running like a tap, and I was hacking up green shit all day. Not pleasant. Been trying to eat healthy and drink lots of water and it seems to be helping.

Even with the lack of hands, I'm still on pace for my best month ever. Trying not to pay too much attention to the results since I'm just running wayyy above expectation, but I'm feeling really good about my play right now. My tilt has been knocked down a few levels and my game is constantly progressing. I really feel like I can crush 200nl and although I know I shouldn't jump up for a long time, I'm already thinking about 400nl. It's all still pretty surreal to me.

I'm not really sure I could say any single event or influence is 'the' catalyst for me. Stosh's coaching has boosted my confidence like crazy; every time he reviews a video he says my hand reading is great and he only finds a few small mistakes throughout the sessions. I guess it's easy not to tilt when you're running as good as I am, but I've still run into some pretty nasty strings of beats and haven't tilted a bit.

I'm trying not to bloat my head too much though, obviously the rate I've been winning is far and above sustainable, but I do think I can beat 200nl over the long run. And that's nothing to gawk at. We'll just have to see how it all turns out in the long run though.

Speaking of Stosh's coaching, I just got my third hour and second video done with him. I posted it here at cardschat.

Hmm, otherwise nothing much is happening. I finally saw the Dark Knight and although I'm already a little sick of it after watching it like 3 times including an imax showing, it's still definitely in my top 10 or 5 movies of all time. I didn't really know or care much for Heath Ledger before I saw his part, but god damn he was great. Definitely every hilight in the movie included him. From the pencil magic trick to his "c'mon, c'mon HIT ME...I want you to hit me, c'mon c'mon...", he was just 10/10 imo. Two things I didn't like about the movie though: 1) it was just a little too long, and 2) I just can't stand Maggie Gyllenhaal, the old-lady looking chick. Just such a terrible choice for 'the girl' in the movie. Can you really say a billionaire who can bring the whole russian ballet down through the carribean on his personal yacht at the snap of a finger is going to go for a girl like that? Come on...

Anyways, as you can tell I'm a little obsessed with the movie now :)

Just for kicks, here are some of the bigger hands (wee, hand replayer is working again?) from this month as I'm sure I've bored you to death already:

BTN was ~44/10, SB was a huge fish. I really don't like my shove as I don't think the button 4bets with anything he's folding, and our AKs is absolutely dominated by that range.

Online poker is so dead.

I actually laughed this one off. Glad I don't go apeshit and break shit any more.


Off to the races...little bit of a boring hand I guess :/

Definitely one of the hands I asked Stosh about. He actually missed this one in my video and now that I think about it I just asked him this morning (or was it last night?) if he would take a look.

om nom nom

Inducing bluffs is fun. Got a lot more than I expected out of this guy since he was actually really tight. I think maybe that's the result of playing borderline maniacal on some tables, people just go nuts trying to beat you.

I'm so good. Seriously though I thought I could barrel him off tons of hands here, apparently I was wrong. PERFECT river card to save my ass though.

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